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Teeth Extractions – Garland, TX

Safe & Pain-Free Extractions of All Kinds

Metal clasp holding extracted tooth

For teeth that cannot be salvaged or are causing severe problems for other teeth, extraction is typically the best option for providing treatment. There are many situations in which a tooth extraction might be recommended, including advanced tooth decay, irreparable damage, prolonged gum disease, poor tooth positioning, and pre-orthodontic treatment. At Orbit Dental of Garland, our goal is to make the tooth extraction process go as smoothly as possible, allowing the patient to focus on improving their oral health after the procedure has been completed.

When conducting a tooth extraction, we start by treating the tooth and the immediate area around it with a local anesthetic. This numbs the tooth, jawbone, and gums, preventing the patient from experiencing pain during the procedure. Most patients will feel pressure, but not pain during the extraction.

To initiate the healing process, a blood clot must be formed at the site of the extraction as quickly as possible. This is done by instructing the patient to bite down on a gauze pad. The patient must be very careful to not disturb the blood clot in any way once it has been formed.

Once the anesthesia wears off, it is common to experience some mild to moderate pain at the extraction site. To address this problem, we will provide prescription painkillers or recommend over-the-counter medications if needed. We also encourage patients to use an icepack on their outer cheek of the extraction site to reduce swelling. Generally speaking, patients are able to resume their usual brushing and flossing practices just 24 hours later. If the patient experiences intense pain or uncontrollable bleeding at any time, they should contact our dental office immediately.

In addition to standard teeth extractions, Orbit Dental of Garland also conducts wisdom teeth extractions. Also called the third molars, wisdom teeth generally develop when an individual reaches their late teens or early twenties. While it is possible that a person ultimately keeps their wisdom teeth, they are almost always removed since there is a limited amount of available space for them inside the mouth. Wisdom teeth also frequently grow at a severe angle, meaning that they are very likely to become impacted or cause crowding issues for other teeth.

The recovery time for wisdom teeth removal varies between patients, with most patients requiring about a week to become healed. During this time, the patient should get lots of rest, drink plenty of fluids and consume only soft foods.

If you would like more information about teeth extractions or wisdom teeth removal, please call us at (469) 277-2627 to schedule an appointment.