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Smile Makeover – Garland, TX

Get the Smile You Truly Deserve

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Orbit Dental of Garland is proud to offer complete smile makeovers that are custom designed to make tremendous improvements to the appearance of a person’s smile. Our complete smile makeover program features a series of cosmetic dental treatments in order to provide the best possible overall results. These treatments can include any combination of dental bonding, professional teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, and dental implants. We understand how important it is to have teeth that you can show off to the world with confidence, and our team is ready to help you obtain a smile that stands out for all the right reasons.

There are many factors that we take into consideration when providing a complete smile makeover. Some of these factors are a patient’s facial appearance, skin tone, gum tissue, and lips. Our smile makeover experts take the time to ask patients what aspects of their smile they are already happy with and what areas they would like to improve upon. By doing this, we can create an individualized smile makeover plan that provides the exact results that the patient is looking for. We take every factor and component into deep consideration before making any changes so we can ensure that every patient who receives a smile makeover is satisfied with the outcome.

Tooth Color

Closeup of smile compared with tooth color chart

Darkened and stained teeth are a source of displeasure for many patients. That is why we offer professional teeth whitening treatments that work to brighten teeth and provide patients with a healthier and more youthful appearance. Patients who receive our professional teeth whitening services are thrilled with the immediate results that can be seen after just one treatment.

Spacing and Alignment

Closeup of smile with gap between front teeth

Teeth that are uneven or misaligned can ruin the appearance of any great smile. Such cosmetic issues can often be fixed by using veneers or composite bonding. These treatments are designed to make fantastic improvements to the look of a person’s teeth, bringing them one step closer to the smile they have always wanted.

Damaged or Missing Teeth

Closeup of smile with lost tooth

Many smiles are ruined when a tooth becomes severely damaged or lost. Whether it’s chipped or cracked teeth or a gap created by a missing tooth, these problems are difficult to ignore, and they can damage a person’s confidence. By using treatment methods such as veneers, composite bonding, and dental implants, our team will work to restore the appearance of your teeth so that you can bring back your smile.

If you would like to receive more information about complete smile makeovers, please call us at (469) 277-2627 to schedule an appointment.