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Sedation Dentistry – Garland, TX

Make Dental Nerves Disappear

Woman in dental chair covering her mouth

We’re not going to lie: dental care makes a lot of people very nervous, adults and children alike. Fortunately though, thanks to our team’s warm and friendly demeanor, we’re able to help most people feel completely comfortable during their appointments, but some still require a little more care. For them, sedation dentistry can help.

Using the techniques outlined below, we can enable patients to take care of their teeth free of any anxious thoughts or physical pain, allowing them to achieve the healthy smiles they deserve without the stress. Think sedation would help you or your child feel better about receiving dental care? If so, give us a call today.

Why Choose Us For Sedation Dentistry?

  • Available for any procedure
  • Gentle enough for children, strong enough for adults
  • Administered by a trained anesthesiologist

Oral Conscious Sedation

Woman taking oral sedative pill

With oral conscious sedation, all you have to do is take a pill, and your dental fears will quickly float away on a river of relaxation. We’ll prescribe the medication to you and tell you when to take it the day of your appointment so it will have already taken effect before you sit in the dental chair. Patients using OCS will remain awake, but time will seem to fly by very quickly, and most say they have little to no memory of their appointment afterward!

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Woman wearing nitrous oxide nose mask

Nitrous oxide, or “laughing gas,” has been used by dentists for more than 100 years to help soothe anxious dental patients. It’s so gentle that it’s even safe for small children, and we primarily recommend it for patients who need help relaxing during their routine dental care. The colorless, odorless gas is inhaled through a small nasal mask, and after a minute or so, a patient should feel any tension wash out of their body. The mask stays on for the entire appointment, and once it’s removed, a patient will feel completely normal right away, meaning they can go straight back to their day.

IV Sedation

IV fluid drip

For patients who experience moderate to severe dental phobia or require extensive dental work, IV sedation works by administering a potent sedative directly into the bloodstream. A patient will start feeling its effects much faster compared to oral conscious sedation, and the amount of sedative can even be adjusted in real time to ensure that someone feels completely comfortable from moment to moment. We take a complete medical history before recommending this method to ensure the safety of a patient.

General Anesthesiology

Woman with eyes closed in dental chair

If a patient has extreme dental fear, mental or physical special needs, or if a child is particularly uncooperative, we may recommend general anesthesiology. The kind we use is much lighter compared to what people receive for major surgery, but nonetheless, it will allow a patient to basically sleep through their procedure and wake up with no memory of it afterward. This will be administered and overseen by a fully-licensed anesthesiologist to make sure everything goes smoothly.