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Children’s Dentistry – Garland, TX

Serving Every Little Smile in Garland

Child in dental chair giving thumbs up

A child’s early dental experiences will color how they view dental care for the rest of their lives, and at Orbit Dental of Garland, we make sure that our young patients always leave our dental office feeling happy and well taken care of. We have experience serving growing smiles of all ages, from toddlers to teens and everyone in between, so your child is always welcome through our doors! We’ll work diligently to keep them cavity-free year after year, and if necessary, we can provide orthodontic treatment as well. To schedule your child’s next dental checkup, contact us today.

Why Choose Us for Children’s Dentistry?

  • Kind, compassionate, & experienced team
  • Dentist with 15+ years of experience
  • Ready to help children of all ages

Dental Sealants

Young girl receiving dental treatment

While a child is still learning to effectively brush and floss, their back teeth, with their wide and deeply grooved surfaces, are particularly vulnerable to developing cavities. To give them a little extra protection, we can apply a dental sealant to these teeth, which involves painting on a thin layer of a plastic-based resin that quickly hardens into an invisible barrier. This will keep any plaque, bacteria, and food particles away from the enamel, safeguarding the health of your little one’s smile.

Learn About Dental Sealants

Fluoride Treatment

Preteen boy receiving fluoride treatment

Fluoride is a mineral you’ll find added to many oral health products and public water sources, and that’s because when it comes in contact with the teeth, it actually strengthens the enamel and even rebuilds it in areas where it has been damaged by plaque. Regular fluoride exposure can also aid in the development of a child’s adult teeth even before they erupt, and because of all these benefits, a topical fluoride treatment is a standard part of every checkup. We’ll simply apply a fluoride-rich gel to your child’s teeth for a minute or so, and that’s all it takes to give them an extra layer of cavity protection!

Athletic Mouthguards

Teen girl with boxing gloves placing athletic mouthguard

Whether your child is just beginning to play organized sports or is already the star of their high school team, they should wear a mouthguard every time they hit the field, mat, or court, or something could easily hit and damage their teeth! Rather than forcing them to wear some bulky mouthguard from the store, Dr. Lankupalli can provide them with a completely custom-made appliance. It will be specially-shaped to fit over your child’s teeth, and this will help it better defend against unexpected impacts while also allowing for unencumbered speaking and breathing.

Learn About Mouthguards