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Dental Implants — Garland, TX

Superior Tooth Replacement Technology

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Missing teeth are a very common problem in the US, but thankfully, dentistry has finally come up with a solution that can perfectly replicate a real tooth both aesthetically and functionally: dental implants. With this treatment, Dr. Lankupalli and Dr. Nauman Quamar (our in-house periodontist) can help patients restore their natural appearance and enjoy normal chewing and speaking function without dealing with an uncomfortable prosthetic. Basically, they can make it seem like your teeth were never gone in the first place! Give us a call today to schedule your consultation and discover how dental implants can change your life!

Why Choose Orbit Dental of Garland For Dental Implants?

  • Dental Implant Placement & Restoration Completed Under One Roof
  • All-Inclusive Single Tooth Implants Starting at $2,499
  • Flexible Financing Options & In-House Membership Savings Plan Available

What Are Dental Implants?

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Traditional tooth replacement options like dentures and dental bridges only replace the visible parts of missing teeth, which are called the crowns. Since these options don’t have roots to hold them in place like natural teeth, they tend to leave a lot to be desired in terms of comfort and stability. On the other hand, dental implants mimic the entire structure of missing teeth both above and below the gumline!

Dental implants are small titanium posts. These can be inserted directly into the jaw to replace the roots of missing teeth. The biocompatible nature of titanium allows the implant posts to fuse with the surrounding bone tissue. This provides a strong and secure foundation for the custom-made crown, bridge, or denture that is eventually attached to complete your smile. Rebuilding one or more lost teeth from the roots up helps them look, feel, and function just like your natural pearly whites.

The Dental Implant Process

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At most other dental offices, a dentist will refer you to an outside specialist to have your implant roots placed, which adds a lot of time, expense, and stress to the process of rebuilding your smile. At Orbit Dental of Garland, however, we bring the specialist to you! Dr. Quamar is a periodontist, so that means he has the special training needed to perform the implant placement surgery right here in our dental office. With him, you’ll be able to get your new teeth as quickly and efficiently as possible while working with the same team the entire time. Read on to learn more about the dental implant process.

Rebuilding Your Smile with Dental Implants

Diagram of how dental implants in Garland are placed

The initial stage of receiving implants will be a straight-forward consultation with one of our expert dentists. They will carefully examine your mouth to check the number of teeth you’re missing, the condition of your oral health, and the strength of your jawbone. Some patients may need to complete preliminary procedures before moving on with dental implant treatment, such as gum disease therapy or bone grafting. Once any problems that could potentially threaten the success of your dental implants, you’ll undergo a minimally invasive surgery wherein the implant will be inserted beneath your gumline.

During surgery, tiny incisions in your gums will be made to access the jawbone. After drilling small holes into the bone, implants will be placed. We must allow at least 3 to 4 months for your implants to heal, giving it time to fuse permanently to your jaw. Then, you’ll come back into our office, where we will mount your custom-made restoration on top of your implants for a beautiful, strong, and complete smile.

Benefits of Dental Implants

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Dental implants offer a wide range of benefits that you simply can’t get with other tooth replacement options, such as:

  • Dental implants stimulate the jawbone, helping to keep it strong and preventing deterioration.
  • An implant looks and feels like a natural tooth. Onlookers may have no idea that you were ever missing a tooth!
  • A dental implant has the potential to last for a lifetime. The crown on top of it may last for a decade or longer.
  • Caring for a dental implant is simple. As long as you’re diligent about oral hygiene and attend regular checkups with your dentist, it’s unlikely that you’ll encounter any problems with your new tooth.
  • An implant can protect your remaining natural teeth. Placing a dental implant doesn’t usually require that the adjacent teeth be modified or extracted.

Who Dental Implants Can Help

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No matter how many teeth you might be missing, Dr. Lankupalli can design an implant treatment suited to your particular needs:

Missing 1 Tooth

Unlike with a bridge that requires healthy teeth to be filed down in order to support a replacement tooth, a single implant root can be positioned in-between two healthy teeth without affecting them at all, making it a seamless addition to the smile.

Missing Multiple Teeth

Rather than replacing consecutive missing teeth with individual implants, just two implant roots can be used to hold up to four prosthetic teeth in a row. This is not only extremely cost-effective, but implant bridges also have a much stronger fit compared to regular ones.

Missing All Teeth

If you’re sick and tired of your denture constantly moving around in your mouth, implants can put a stop to that for a lifetime to come. A full denture can be anchored directly to the jawbone using just four to six implants. Not only will it stay put, but you will also enjoy a fully restored bite, helping you eat a wider variety of foods compared to a traditional removable denture.

Learn More About All-On-4 Dental Implants

Understanding the Cost of Dental Implants

Dentist calculating the cost of dental implants in Garland

Because dental implants can be used to help people with varying degrees of tooth loss, the cost of the procedure is always different from patient to patient. How many implants are used and where they are located in the mouth play a big part in the final price. Implants should be considered an investment in your dental health, as they are more expensive than other options, but they also last multiple times longer. Normal bridges and dentures typically need to be replaced every 5-7 years, compounding their lower price, while implants can easily last for 30 or more, which means they usually end up saving a patient thousands of dollars over time.

Types of Dental Implants

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The number of implants that you need and their restoration will depend on how many teeth you’re missing. Dental implants in Garland can be used to replace one tooth, multiple teeth, or even whole smiles. Your treatment cost will depend on the number of implants and the type of restoration you may need.

Are Dental Implants Worth the Investment?

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While dental implants initially come with a higher price tag than other solutions, they could actually save you money in the long run. Dental implants themselves can last for a lifetime with proper care, which means less time and money spent at the dentist’s for replacement solutions. Dental implants also bring you incredible health benefits like jawbone preservation, which will prevent additional tooth loss and improve your facial appearance. For these reasons, patients find that implants are always worth the investment.

Does My Dental Insurance Cover Dental Implants?

Dental insurance paperwork for the cost of dental implants in Garland

Unfortunately, most dental insurance plans don’t cover dental implants. However, we will always file insurance claims for you to ensure that you’re maximizing all of your benefits. Many times, insurance companies may cover certain aspects of the implant procedure like your restoration or surgery—it all depends on the type of plan that you have. We also offer an in-house membership plan as well as financing options to ensure that you get the quality care that you need.

Dental Implant FAQs

A man wearing a suit holds a small titanium dental implant post in his right hand

At Orbit Dental, we believe in providing our patients with clear, concise, and transparent information no matter the type of oral treatment needed. When visiting our office for dental implants in Garland, we know you probably have many questions. This extensive yet, life-changing procedure can give you renewed confidence and improved oral health. But we also understand the decision to choose these permanent prosthetics must come after careful consideration. This is why you will find a few of the most common questions asked by our patients about dental implants. If you do not see your question listed below, contact us to schedule an appointment.

Can I get dental implants if I’m diabetic?

If you are keeping your diabetes under control, there is a good chance you can move forward with dental implant placement. However, if you struggle to manage your diabetes and suffer from chronic high blood sugar, it can slow down the healing process and make it much harder for your implants to fuse with your jawbone during osseointegration. If you want dental implants to replace your missing teeth, you will need to speak with your primary care physician or endocrinologist about making sure your blood sugar levels are under control first.

Do dental implants make you look younger?

Absolutely! Unlike traditional tooth replacement options (i.e., bridges, dentures) that cause your face to appear sunken-in and wrinkled over time, dental implants are capable of supporting your facial structures because of the continuous stimulation delivered to your jawbone. Each time you chew or biting down, the force spreads through the roots of your teeth to the bone, allowing this area of your facial structure to remain strong and solid. As a result, you can prevent bone atrophy and enjoy a more youthful appearance.

Do I need a bone graft before getting dental implants?

Not all patients require a bone graft before receiving dental implants; however, it may be necessary for your implant dentist in Garland to suggest this type of procedure if you lack the bone density to support your prosthetics and customized restoration. The process requires transplanting a piece of bone tissue into your jawbone so it will help to strengthen this area of your mouth and allow for the successful placement of your dental implants.

The only way to know if you will need a bone graft is by letting our dental team examine your oral cavity and facial structures during your initial consultation. At that time, we will recommend a bone graft, if necessary.

What should I do if I can’t afford dental implants?

Although your alternative tooth replacement options (i.e., dental bridges, dentures) are less expensive upfront, the truth is that they cannot stop bone loss, which can cost you much more in the long run. It’s important to remember that dental implants are an investment worth making when you consider how much money you’ll save on not having to pay for frequent adjustments and replacements or necessary care to treat systemic issues caused by bone loss. If you have dental insurance, it may be possible that they will pay for any preliminary treatment or your custom restoration, which can help lower your out-of-pocket expenses.

If you have an FSA/HAS, you may be eligible for reimbursement. At Orbit Dental, we also offer an in-house membership plan that requires one low annual fee and provides 15% of any other treatment you might need. You can also enroll in a low or no interest flexible financing through CareCredit.