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Cosmetic Dentistry

Light Up the Room Every Time

Whether you simply want the kind of smile that always turns heads or just want to get rid of annoying stains, chips, cracks, or gaps, Dr. Lankupalli can help you get the dazzling set of teeth you’ve always wanted with cosmetic dentistry. Using her artistic touch, attention to detail, and your input, she can turn your dream smile into a beautiful reality, often in just one or two appointments! If you’re ready to have the kind of smile that fills you with confidence every time you see it, give us a call today.

Why Choose Us for Cosmetic Dentistry?

  • Porcelain veneers: Transform your smile in just 2 appointments
  • Digital imaging: See results before treatment even starts

Porcelain Veneers

If you’ve ever looked at an actor or model’s teeth and thought, “How are they so perfect?!” the secret is probably porcelain veneers! These are extremely thin pieces of ceramic that are designed to look like pristine white enamel, and they’re fitted directly over the front of the teeth. With them, Dr. Lankupalli can literally change the shape, size, and color of your teeth to whatever you want, eliminating any flaw while giving you a truly gorgeous grin.

Learn About Porcelain Veneers

Metal-Free Dental Restorations

At Orbit Dental of Garland, we’re committed to providing dental work that is always strong, reliable, and beautiful all at the same time. So, whenever a patient needs one of their front teeth repaired, we provide them with a custom-made porcelain restoration. This material faithfully mimics both the look and feel of real enamel, enabling Dr. Lankupalli to create something that seamlessly blends into the smile both aesthetically and functionally.

Dental Bonding

For those looking for a quick fix for a small dark spot, tiny chip, or thin gap, cosmetic bonding is a fast, reliable, and affordable solution. A color-matched composite resin is applied to any damaged or missing enamel, and then it’s sculpted to artfully hide any imperfection. The entire procedure only takes about an hour, is 100% painless, and the results can easily last for about a decade or more.

Learn About Cosmetic Bonding

Teeth Whitening

Zoom! Whitening is able to eliminate the stubborn dental stains that most store bought treatments leave behind, and at Orbit Dental of Garland, you can get it either in office or take it home with you! Our on-site treatment takes less than an hour to deliver dramatic results, or we can give you your own custom-made kit to use whenever and wherever you want. Whichever one you choose, you’ll be able to say “goodbye!” to those pesky coffee, wine, and tobacco stains and “hello!” to teeth that are 6-8 shades whiter!

Learn About Teeth Whitening

Gum Recontouring

The perfect smile shows just the right proportion of teeth, gums, and lips, but for many patients, their gum line actually overshadows their teeth and makes them appear too short and stubby. Using a soft tissue laser, Dr. Lankupalli can quickly and precisely remove any excess gum tissue to make the teeth instantly appear longer, restoring balance to the smile in one easy appointment. This treatment can also be used to expose more of a tooth so it can safely hold a crown or porcelain veneer.

Digital Imaging

Digital dental images on computer

Our digital imaging technology allows patients to see into the future! We can take a picture of your smile and then edit it to show you how any treatment you’re interested in will change its appearance. This way, you can know you’ll love your results even before you sit in the dental chair! And, if you would like any adjustments to be made, they can be done in seconds to guarantee you get exactly what you want.

Learn About Smile Makeovers

Botox, Juvederm, Fillers

Woman with flawless skin

After we’ve given a patient the smile they’ve always wanted, we can go a step further and eliminate any fine lines and facial wrinkles as well using Botox and Juvederm. Our team has taken extensive training to safely and effectively use these treatments, meaning you now have the convenience of being able to get spa-like care every time you go to the dentist. In just one appointment, we can give you a stunning smile and smoother, more youthful skin to go along with it, helping you look and feel your absolute best while saving time.

Understanding the Cost of Cosmetic Dentistry

Many people are hesitant to pursue cosmetic dentistry because they don’t want to break the bank. Since dental insurance doesn’t typically offer coverage for cosmetic dental treatment, you’ll need to find another way to pay for those expenses. Fortunately, as your cosmetic dentist in Garland, we’ll be happy to help you navigate your financial needs. We’ll recommend a service that fits your budget perfectly and explain your available payment options. If you’d like to learn more about what to expect , continue reading or give our office a call today!

Which Cosmetic Dental Service Is Right for Me?

Prospective cosmetic dentistry patients are often trying to either whiten their teeth or correct flaws in them. Once our cosmetic dentist examines your teeth, they can help you explore solutions that make sense for your goals, such as:

  • Veneers – If you have multiple dental imperfections, you may want to consider veneers. Even though they can be costly, they’re the only option capable of correcting several flaws at once. Plus, you can enjoy your new-and-improved smile for over a decade with proper maintenance.
  • Teeth Whitening – Don’t like the color of your smile? Professional whitening treatment is a fast, cost-effective way to improve your pearly whites! However, keep in mind that it cannot help with the shape or position of your teeth. Take-home kits are available, or you can select in - office treatment. Expect take-home kits to be more affordable and to take two weeks, while in-office treatment requires about an hour.
  • Gum Recontouring – This treatment involves the reshaping of your gum line. A gummy smile is created when gum tissue extends too far along the surface of your teeth. Excess tissue is removed using a safe, soft tissue laser. The results are instantly visible and provide a great change to your smile. The cost relates to the number of teeth involved, so it isn’t particularly expensive for a few teeth.
  • Dental Bonding – If you have minor imperfections you want to address, dental bonding may be the ideal solution for you. It’s a fast, efficient, and cost-effective way to improve tooth shape, size, and color. Although this option is affordable, it will need to be redone every few years.

Why Cosmetic Dentistry Is an Investment Worth Making

We understand that cosmetic dentistry can feel like a significant financial commitment. However, it’s an investment that will pay off for many years to come. Not only can it improve your appearance, but you can expect to enjoy a better overall quality of life due to increased confidence. From bettering your social life and your desire to connect with people on the job, you’ll be more likely to have positive interactions with those around you!

How to Make Cosmetic Dentistry Affordable

This branch of dentistry is generally not covered by dental insurance, so you’ll need to find an alternative method to pay for your treatment. On that note, we offer flexible, low-to-no-interest financing via CareCredit to patients who want elective cosmetic dentistry procedures. We also offer an in-house membership plan which gives you 15 percent off any treatments you might want, not to mention several services at no extra charge.

Are you ready to get the grin you always wanted? Contact our office to learn more about these treatments and the cost of cosmetic dentistry in Garland during a consultation . It’s our mission to help you accomplish your smile goals while also considering your financial needs.

Cosmetic Dentistry FAQs

You’re surely excited to get on the road to owning the smile of your dreams. Still, you may have some questions before you are ready to commit to any treatment from a cosmetic dentist in Garland. That’s why we have put together the following list of FAQs that we receive about our cosmetic services. If you do not find the information you were hoping for, you are always free to give us a call so we can personally answer your questions.

How Much Does Cosmetic Dentistry Cost? Will My Insurance Cover It?

The cost of cosmetic dentistry can vary greatly from case to case. For example, someone who wants a routine teeth whitening procedure will pay less than someone who wishes to undergo a total smile transformation. We will be sure to give you a forthright estimate for the cost of any procedures you are thinking about getting done.

In most cases, dental insurance does not provide any coverage for cosmetic dentistry. However, if your procedure is both cosmetic and restorative in nature, your policy might pay for a portion of it. For example, metal-free restorations, such as white fillings and porcelain crowns, are often covered by insurance.

Is Cosmetic Dentistry Good for My Teeth?

Some treatments that improve the appearance of teeth are also very good for oral health. For example, tooth-colored fillings not only look good, but they require less tooth preparation than metal fillings. They are also totally mercury-free. Other cosmetic dentistry services, such as teeth whitening, do not have any significant oral health benefits; their greatest advantage comes from the fact that they can boost your confidence and help you feel like your best self.

How Do I Know Which Procedure Is Right for Me?

In some cases, there may be multiple treatments that can achieve similar results. For example, dental bonding and porcelain veneers may look identical immediately after the procedure’s completion. However, veneers retain their initial beauty for much longer. If there is more than one treatment that can help you achieve your goals, we will thoroughly explain the pros and cons of each. We will also use our digital imaging technology to give you a realistic preview of what you can expect from any treatment you are considering.

How Long Will the Process Take?

Some procedures take just one or two appointments. Zoom! teeth whitening and dental bonding may take an hour or less. Porcelain veneers typically require two appointments. More extensive procedures from your dentist in Garland may take place over the course of months or require continual maintenance. For instance, Invisalign usually take around one year to complete. Our skin services require regular injections (once every few months) to achieve and maintain optimum results.