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iTero® Element Scanner – Garland, TX

Taking the Mess Out of Dental Impressions

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You probably remember the days of entering your dentist’s office and having to undergo the process of messy dental impressions. The cold dental putty not only left an unpleasant taste in your mouth, but it is likely that you found yourself drooling immensely while attempting to hold your mouth still. Well, those days are gone thanks to the iTero® Element Scanner! At Orbit Dental, your dentist in Garland can quickly scan your smile and capture high-resolution images with this advanced piece of technology. You’ll never have to worry about selecting a flavor and waiting for extended periods of time for a mold to set again! If you’re ready to forget the mess and instead, embrace the quick and easy solution that a digital scanner can provide, contact our office for more information.

What is iTero?

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The iTero® Element Scanner is designed to take accurate scans of an individual’s teeth. This method of digital scanning replaces older, traditional methods of using cold dental putty that is often messy and produces a lower quality impression. In no time at all, our team at Orbit Dental can scan a patient’s smile and begin the process of creating a restoration much quicker than before. In fact, the use of this tool can make dental appointments three times faster.

When Is It Used?

Individuals who require custom restorations of any kind can benefit from the use of the iTero® Element Scanner. Whether a patient needs customized Invisalign clear aligners, a dental crown, dental bridge, or porcelain veneers, this scanning system will produce clearer, more accurate impressions that dental lab technicians can use to create the necessary restorations and appliances for a more comfortable fit.

How Does it Work?

Using a hand-held device that looks much like a pen, we will quickly scan the mouth. It uses optical and laser scanning to scan the mouth in layers and produce a more accurate model of a patient’s teeth. On a nearby screen, both the dentist and patient will see a three-dimensional image of the teeth, all of which will show up gradually as our team performs the scan.

One of the beneficial aspects of such technology is its ability to assist in implant planning as well as the simulation of orthodontic treatment plans. This not only streamlines the process for our dentists, but it also ensures a great experience for patients because of the efficiency it presents when preparing to undergo a restorative or orthodontic treatment.

The entire process can be completed in two minutes or less.

What Are the Benefits of the Using iTero® Element Scanner?

While some dentists prefer to stick to more traditional methods of treatment and planning, opting to invest in advanced and modern dental technologies is what we do at Orbit Dental. With the iTero® Element Scanner, this will allow for:

  • Quicker turnaround time for restoration creation
  • The elimination of cold, messy dental putty
  • Greater accuracy and precision
  • Increased patient satisfaction
  • Possibly fewer appointments for patients