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Epic Laser Dentistry – Garland, TX

A More Comfortable, More Efficient Dental Experience

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When you think of lasers, you might think of science fiction movies or that little device you use to entertain your cat. However, these highly concentrated beams of light offer so much more than that. They have a number of real-world applications, including some in dentistry. At Orbit Dental of Garland, we are proud to have the Epic laser from Biolase. This amazing piece of technology equips us to perform many procedures with increased efficiency and patient comfort. Would you like to know more about the Epic laser?

Why Choose Us for Laser Dentistry?

  • Advanced Biolase Epic laser
  • Faster, more comfortable treatment
  • Reduced recovery times

What Is the Epic Laser?

dental laser by teeth

The Epic laser is a remarkable technology that combines thermal energy and focused light to accomplish various purposes. It has a broad range of settings, so we can adjust it to work for many different services, from basic cosmetic treatments to complex procedures. Although there are quite a few different types of dental lasers available on the market today, we settled on Epic because, after thorough research, we decided that it is the best fit for our practice and our patients’ needs.

Uses for the Epic Laser

The Epic laser can be used as the central instrument in any of the following procedures:

  • Periodontal therapy. The laser can fight harmful bacteria beneath the gum line, thus giving the gum tissue a chance to heal and firmly reattach to the teeth.
  • Do you have a “gummy” smile? Epic is able to trim away excess gum tissue to reveal a greater portion of your teeth.
  • Removing oral lesions. Cold sores and canker sores can be sources of constant pain and annoyance. The Epic laser can quickly remove such growths to provide you with almost instantaneous relief.
  • Teeth whitening. In just 20 minutes or so, the Epic laser can safely and dramatically brighten your smile.
  • The Epic laser offers a fast and comfortable way to address lip tie and tongue tie.
  • Pain relief. The laser can function as a therapeutic device to promote blood flow and relax tense muscles, thus providing quick pain relief.

Benefits of the Epic Laser

Admittedly, almost any of the above-listed procedures can be performed without laser technology. However, we don’t settle for ordinary — we want our patients to enjoy the best that modern dentistry has to offer. That is why we have invested in the Epic laser. Some of its most notable benefits include:

  • Faster healing and reduced bleeding. The laser cauterizes tissue as it goes, which greatly cuts down on blood loss. It even lowers the risk of post-operative infections by killing bacteria.
  • Reduced chair time. The Epic laser allows us to carry out many treatments faster than ever before without sacrificing desirable outcomes.
  • Epic provides much greater precision than a scalpel, which allows us to preserve as much healthy tissue as possible during surgeries.
  • Reduces need for anesthetic. The Epic laser provides such a comfortable experience that in many cases, it completely eliminates the need for local anesthetic.

Are you ready to learn more about Epic laser dentistry and how it may benefit you? Contact Orbit Dental of Garland in Garland today.