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5 Things You Should Know Before Starting Invisalign

September 15, 2022

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Close-up of woman inserting an Invisalign tray

So, you’ve decided to get Invisalign for your teeth. That’s great news! Unlike traditional braces, aligners give you a straight smile without the hassle of metal braces. Despite the convenience, though, Invisalign still has things you’d best prepare for in advance. Otherwise, there’s a risk your treatment plan could get off track. Fortunately, your Garland dentist is here to give you a rundown. Read on to learn five features of Invisalign trays that you should know beforehand.

There’s Some (Initial) Pain

As you would with metal braces, you’ll feel some pain when you start wearing aligners. That’s a normal reaction, as the trays apply force to move teeth. Still, rest assured that the aches will fade after a few days.

In the meantime, there are ways to alleviate your discomfort. For instance, use dental wax to cover mouth areas that feel rough.

You May Need Other Attachments

If necessary, your dentist might add some attachments to your aligners. Also known as “buttons,” these tooth-colored pieces affix to certain teeth during your treatment.

The role of these attachments is to help aligners grip individual teeth. In doing so, they help move pearly whites to the correct position.

Trays Need to Be Removed Before Meals

Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign trays don’t involve dietary restrictions. That said, you have to remove them before eating or drinking anything (except water). Otherwise, you could damage or stain the aligners.

Similarly, ensure the aligners are clean before putting them back in your mouth.

You’ll Get Results in a Year – Maybe Less!

On average, the Invisalign straightening process takes about a year. Even so, patients can start to see minor results in only two or three months!

As an added service, some dentists offer Acceledent for Invisalign aligners. It’s an FDA-cleared device that you use at home for twenty minutes daily. With Acceledent, patients who’d typically change trays every two weeks can change them every week.

You Wear a Retainer After Treatment

After you finish Invisalign treatment, there’s still more to do. In particular, you’ll wear a retainer to preserve your straightened smile.

The retainer won’t be bad at all. You may need to wear it daily for a few months post-Invisalign, but from there, you can just wear it nightly. Be sure to ask your dentist what they recommend for your specific case.

Now that you know the items above, you’re ready to start with Invisalign. Go ahead and talk to your dentist about when your treatment can begin!

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Orbit Dental is based in Garland, TX. As led by its talented trio of dentists, the practice builds deep relationships to ensure patients receive customized treatment. That said, its staff performs personalized preventive, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry, as well as emergency procedures. The Orbit team is also a certified provider of traditional braces and Invisalign clear aligners. For more information or to book an appointment, you can reach them on their website or by phone at (469)-277-2727.

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